Great features of Dodge Ram trucks

If you so much as know what a pickup truck is, you’ve heard of Dodge’s Ram series: these trucks have long been lauded as the best in the business and their hauling ability is legendary.

But what is it that makes the Ram truck stand so tall above the competition? Is it the design, the engine capabilities, the price? A single peek under the hood shows that the Ram is something special – here’s an overview of some of the truck’s greatest features, from the bare-essential models to the full-suite ones. Continue reading “Great features of Dodge Ram trucks”

How to clean your auto interior

Cleaning the outside of our cars isn’t fun, but we all get to it eventually – after all, it’s mostly spraying lots of water while adding some detergent here and there.

The interiors are another story, however. Car interiors are much harder to clean than their exteriors and, to make matters worse, the cleaning method involves plenty of manual labor with great attention to detail. Continue reading “How to clean your auto interior”

Top rated classic Dodge vehicles

Few things are as synonymous with quality American manufacturing as Dodge, the world-renowned brand of muscular vehicles. Over the years and decades, Dodge has become a household name used to invoke images of raw and powerful cars and trucks that still have all the finesse you could hope for in a modern-day vehicle.

While there are plenty of top-notch Dodge vehicles to look at, here are a few top rated classic models that nobody would object to owning. Continue reading “Top rated classic Dodge vehicles”