Great features of Dodge Ram trucks

If you so much as know what a pickup truck is, you’ve heard of Dodge’s Ram series: these trucks have long been lauded as the best in the business and their hauling ability is legendary.

But what is it that makes the Ram truck stand so tall above the competition? Is it the design, the engine capabilities, the price? A single peek under the hood shows that the Ram is something special – here’s an overview of some of the truck’s greatest features, from the bare-essential models to the full-suite ones.

Price: Without a doubt, the affordability of Ram trucks is what made them so popular with the common people (the ones who make up for most of the customer base). Due to Dodge’s devotion to offering a range of different packages on every model, you can get a bare ‘low-power’ Ram truck for less than many other vehicles of comparable quality and you can always remove more features as desired to lower the price further.

Longevity: Fortunately for Ram owners, the long haul stands among the various types of hauls the trucks were made for: a Ram pickup is unlikely to break down often even after many years of carrying tremendous loads for its owner. This is why, aside from being a great work vehicle, the Ram also doubles-up as a reliable family ride.

Engine power: Obviously, a pickup truck manufactured by Dodge was always going to be a beast, but even the smallest Ram truck pushes industry standards: starting at 300 hp and comfortably exceeding 400 hp in some of the more powerful models, Ram trucks very much give off the impression of being able to drag a house from one spot to another. It’s also worth noting that Dodge has made sure to market Rams as fuel-efficient by investing in improved fuel consumption – big engines have been attracting a lot of heat (figuratively) over their emissions, making the Ram as close to a green pickup truck as possible in the absence of a Tesla version.

Slick and customizable design: Many pickup trucks are made with functionality in mind, leaving aesthetics to coupes and convertibles – while usability is indeed what makes a pickup great, it’s nice to see that Dodge hasn’t forgotten about the exterior as well. Both the vanilla models and their customized editions are a sight to behold, and you aren’t going to feel embarrassed when driving a newer Ram model in urban areas with a lot of chic – in fact, you’re more than likely to feel like a stylish king of the road instead.

Timelessness: Being able to stay relevant even after decades is what separates the best vehicles from the rest – muscle cars like Dodge’s notorious Vipers are examples of cars that, when properly maintained, gain value over time rather than lose it. While Ram doesn’t age quite as well as a muscle car, it still holds its own in the department – a decade from now, your Ram truck should still look good, drive good and be mistaken for newer models on a regular basis (so long as you treated it right, that is).