Top rated classic Dodge vehicles

Few things are as synonymous with quality American manufacturing as Dodge, the world-renowned brand of muscular vehicles. Over the years and decades, Dodge has become a household name used to invoke images of raw and powerful cars and trucks that still have all the finesse you could hope for in a modern-day vehicle.

While there are plenty of top-notch Dodge vehicles to look at, here are a few top rated classic models that nobody would object to owning.

Ram: Dodge Ram vehicles have remained one of the best pickup trucks on the market long after their initial introduction to the field. Some will argue that it’s the faultless design, some might praise the engine while others yet will point to Dodge’s aggressive advertising as the reason behind the model’s success. Whichever you believe to be the case, Ram continues to stay ahead of the game with maybe one or two pickup brands out there that can hope to even come close to competing with it. In fact, Ram is such a novelty pickup truck that the model eventually became its own brand, although drivers and potential customers aren’t likely to drop the ‘Dodge’ prefix any time soon.

Durango: If you want power but can’t quite make good use of the Ram’s full set of features, Durango presents itself as a decent alternative to it – a modern, flashy SUV with all the torque of a modest pickup. While clearly catering to lovers of aesthetics, Dodge wasn’t about to compromise on its unique brand of engine power, making the Durango one of the jumpier SUVs out there. Like with most Dodge vehicles, both newer and older models of the Durango should serve you just fine even with a lot of miles on the odometer, although you’ll definitely want to focus on the new school if looks are what you’re after.

Viper: No list of Dodge vehicles is complete without the legendary and ever-iconic Viper. Right up there with the best and most famous muscle cars, each new iteration of the Viper seems to come out faster and meaner with no loss in design quality whatsoever. Vipers don’t come cheap and won’t let you drive your full-size family around in them, but to the true muscle car aficionado, these are non-issues – all that matters is hearing the sound of the Viper’s engine and the feeling one gets from that initial pull from zero.

Charger: For many, the Viper is just too expensive, too fast or too lavish of a purchase – nothing wrong with that line of thinking. If you fall into this category, you might want to satisfy your urge to get behind Dodge’s wheel by opting for a powerful Charger model. Unlike Vipers, Chargers are a bit more customizable, coming in both coupe and sedan varieties as well as offering a plethora of different looks as opposed to the Viper’s somewhat-universal appearance. It’s not THE Dodge car, but it’s still a great option: if you prefer the idea of saving some money while still enjoying all the benefits of owning a true American muscle car, the Charger should be at the top of your list.